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Pulau Weh (or Pulau Wei) is an island just north of Aceh close to Banda Aceh. Weh means move or go away in Achenese. Sabang is the administrative name of Pulau Weh.

There is a ferry which also conveys vehicles that leaves from Malahayati (Banda Aceh's sea port) daily to Pulau Weh. The ferry ride takes around two and half hours to Sabang, the sea port on Pulau Weh.

Wildlife on Weh includes monkeys, wild boar, monitor lizards and wide selection of colourful butterflies. North of Iboih is protected forest. At the northern end of Weh is a monument to commemorate where Indonesia officially begins. Pulau Rondo is actually the real start just north of Weh. There is also good snorkeling and diving on Rondo.



Sabang is the main town on Pulau Weh and still has many old Dutch colonial buildings shadowed by huge trees that the Dutch imported from Suriname giving the town great character.  Because of it's excellent harbour and good water supply Sabang became an important coal loading station for ships en route between Europe and Asia. At one time Sabang had a larger population than Singapore. The merabu graveyard has many interesting gravestones. Each morning are fresh food markets.  Some great beaches are walking distance from Sabang. Pantai Kasih and Pantai Sumur Tiga are great for swimming and Padai Tapak Gajah has good swimming and snorkeling. Mie Jalak (noodles) is a Sabang specialty. Beer or other alcoholic beverages are generally not available in Aceh but places serving Westerners generally do serve these. A can of beer with cost between 14,000Rp and 20,000Rp.

Sabang has a small airport called Cot Bak U / Malikulsaleh linking charter flights to Banda Aceh.

Not far from Sabang you will find the lake Danau Aneuk Laot.

Malaria has been reported on Pulau Weh so take precautions when visiting.


Accommodation in Sabang

Sabang Hill - 18 rooms with aircon and bathroom 240 - 572,000Rp per night.

Jl Sultan Iskandar Mudel Ph: 0652 21207 Fax: 0652 22666


Nagoya Inn - 5 rooms A/c, bathroom, satellite TV 200,000Rp per night.

Jl Cut Meutra 34 Ph: 0652 22311 or 0812 699 6068


Hotel Putra Salju - 9 rooms A/C, bath. 165 - 220,000Rp per night

Jl T. Umar 16  Ph: 0652 22747


Pulau Jaya. Rooms with fan 35 - 82,000Rp. With fan and bath 110,000 with A/C 170,000 Rp per night

Jl Pulau Jaya 17  Ph: 0652 21344


Sabang Jaya - 13 rooms. With fan from 30,000Rp, fan + bath 85,000, with A/C 150,000Rp per night

Jl T, Umar 17-19. Ph: 0652 22168


Losmen PUM - 15 rooms. With fan 50 - 75,000Rp, with fan + bath 100,000Rp

Jl T. Umar 3. Ph: 0652 21148


Losmen Sabang - Merauke - 12 rooms. With fan 30 - 60,000Rp per night

Off Jl T. Umar. Ph: 0652 21928


Hotel Holiday - 24 rooms. With fan + bath 50 - 140,000Rp. With A/C 175 - 350,000Rp

Off Jl Perdagangan Ph: 0652 21131

The most popular beaches on Pulau Wei are a 23km bus ride from Sabang to either Gapang or Iboih. Both beaches have basic thatched bungalows on the beach available as accommodation. Contrary to what is said in a certain popular travel guide nicknamed the bible - there is plenty of live coral at Gapang beach - and it's a good place for spotting turtles as well.

Accommodation at Iboih Beach

Erik's - 6 rooms 50,000 - 100,000Rp. Discounts for longer stays.

Ph: 0652 331118   Mobile ph: 0815 3382 8419


Yulia's Bungalow + restaurant - 12 bungalows 80 - 100,000Rp, 40 - 50,000Rp for long stay. Mobile phone: 0813 6255 3561


Pulau Rubiah - 5 Bungalows 100,000Rp. Also 1 large bungalow with 2 big rooms, bathroom and kitchen 250,000Rp. Can only be reached by boat. Ask at the parking lot of the ferry port or call 0852 6045 9349 (Panti) 0852 6059 9447 (Isol) or 0852 6234 8978 (Baktiar). 100,000Rp for return boat fare. Call to be picked up.


Ayub's - 2 rooms. Right next to Erik's. 70,000-120,000Rp per night


Arina's - 4 bungalows 50,000 - 120,000Rp per night.


Rubiah Tirta Divers - 1 bungalow 100,000 - 150,000Rp


The Seven Bangalows - next to the diving school 30,000Rp - 50,000Rp.


Fatimah Bungalows - 12 Bungalows 60,000 - 70, 000 short stay 30,000Rp long stay


Mama Mia Restaurant + Bungalows - 4 Bungalows 30 - 50,000Rp. Offering massage and traditional medicine


O'ong Restaurant + Bungalows - 8 rooms 35 - 70,000Rp with bathroom 70 - 150,000Rp.


Accommodation at Gapang Beach


Leguna Resort - 24 Bungalows with bathroom and A/C. Single room 150 - 240,000Rp, 2 room bungalow also available.

Ph: +62 652 22799 or Mobile: +62 812 695 1415


Flamoyan Gapand Resort - 18 Bungalows - 1, 2 + 3 rooms all with A/C and bathroom. 200 - 300,000Rp.

Ph: +6213 6027 2270 Transport from ferry available.


Ohona Bungalows and Restaurant - 3 Bungalows with attached bathroom. 80,000Rp per night

Mobile ph: 0813 6254 7004


Lumba Lumba Living. Bungalow with fan, bathroom and fridge. 15 Euros per night.

Tel/fax: +62 652 331133 Mobile: +62 811 682787


Gapang Jaya Bungalows - 5 rooms. 50,000 - 100,000Rp per night


Ramadilla - 9 single room Bungalows, 4 with attached bathroom. 1 triple room bungalow. 70 - 100,000Rp with bath - 50,000Rp no bath

Ph: +62 813 6077 7612.

Pulau Weh was one of the most devastated areas from the Tsunami that hit on 26th Dec 2004. The local people have worked very hard to restore the buildings and hotels that were essential to their economy. They are open for business as usual offering suba diving, snorkeling and surfing on this beautiful island.

There are many sites for both snorkeling and diving. The wildlife you can encounter are lots of sting rays, moray eels, lion fish, barracudas, turtles, manta and eagle rays, Napoleon wrasses and reef sharks. Pulau Weh is also visited by hundreds of dolphins.

PADI dive certificates can be completed on Palau Weh. Check out the Lumpa Lumpa Dive website for current prices. Generally these prices will be cheaper than doing it in your own country and still recognized internationally so a good bonus on top of a great holiday.


Rubiah Tirta Divers can also arrange dive trips and PADI dive courses on Pulau Weh. http://www.rubiahdivers.com/

Whale sharks can be seen in the oceans off Pulau Weh at different times of the year. They travel past the island in January and February.

There is an old WWII ship, Sophie Rickmers that was wrecked off the coast of Pulau Weh in the bay of Pria Laot. The ship is 134m long and covered with coral.

You can fly from Banda Aceh to Pulau Weh. The flight takes 12 minutes on small 8 or 16 seat planes.

There are hot springs and hot mud pools to be found on Pulau Weh and the small island off it's coast Pulau Rubiah.

There are several caves located along the west coast of Pulau Weh. You will find that these caves are inhabited by birds, bats and snakes.

Ibioh Recreational Park is situated close the small village of Ibioh. Adjacent to the Rubiah Sea Gardens. Covering an area of 1300 hectares it is a protected natural reserve on Pulau Weh.



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