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Sumatra has a number of large impressive lakes including Lake Toba one of the largest lakes in South East Asia. The Indonesian word for lake is danau. A number of lakes in Sumatra were formed via volcanic eruptions creating creators which filled with water. The largest of these is Lake Toba.

Danau Toba, the largest lake in South East Asia is located in North Sumatra. Covering an area of 1130Km2 and is 529 meters at it's deepest part.

View of Lake Toba

Lake Toba

Danau Maninjau, located in West Sumatra. Covering an area of 97.9Km2 and 169m at it's deepest.

View of Lake Maninjau

Lake Maninjau

Danau Laut Tawar is located in the central highlands of Aceh, North Sumatra. Danau Laut Tawar covers an area of 70Km2 and is located at 1225m above sea level.

Danau Marpunga located in the Gunung Leuser National Park North Sumatra. It's around a 4 day trek to get to Danau Marpunga though there are good chances of seeing many different types of wildlife including elephants who come to feed at the lake.

Danau Lau Kawar located close to Berastagi at the base of Gunung Sinabung in North Sumatra.

Danau Gunung Tujuh, located in Central Sumatra in the province of Jambi is the highest lake in South East Asia at 1950m. It takes 3.5 hours to walk up to the lake from the village of  Pelompek. Located in the Kerinci Semblat National Park. Danau Gunuing Tujuh covers and area of 9.6Km2 and is 40 meters at it's deepest.

Danau Kerinci, located in Central Sumatra in the province of Jambi is 20km south of Sungaipenuh. Close the lake there are stone carvings which are believed to have been carved around 2000 years ago. The Batu Gong (Gong Stone) is the most known of these carvings located in the village of Muak, 25km from Sungaipenuh. Danau Kerinci covers an area of 46Km2 and is 97m at it's deepest.

Danau Sidihoni, North Sumatra is located on Samosir Island which is located within Lake Toba so Lake Sidihoni is in fact a lake within a lake.

Danau Ranau is another example of a lake created by the explosion of a volcano creating a huge caldera. Located in the Bukit Barisan mountains in the south-western corner of South Sumatra. It's about 300km or 8 hours from Palembang. Covering 125.9Km2 and is 229m at it's deepest.

Dendam Tak Sudah Lake is located close to Bengkulu in West Sumatra. It is surrounded by a mountainous scenery.

Danau Singkarak is located in West Sumatra, close to Danau Maninjau. Danau Singkarak covers an area of 107.8Km2.

Danau Diatas and Danau Dibawah as 2 small lakes not far from Danau Singkarak and Danau Maninjau. They are known as the Twin Lakes (Danau Kembar). Danau Dibawah in Indonesian literally means the Lower Lake. Danau Dibawah covers and area of 11.2Km2 and goes to a depth of 309m. Danau Diatas covers and area of 12.3Km2 and 44 meters at it's deepest.

Danau Aneuk Laot is located on Pulau Weh just off the coast of Banda Aceh.


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Lake Toba


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