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The Elephant and Orang-utan Tour is a 5 night tour that visits Bukit Lawang and Tangkahan in North Sumatra. The 2 main highlights of the tour are seeing the Sumatra Orang-utan in Bukit Lawang and the Sumatra Elephants in Tangkahan with your chance to help wash the elephants in the morning or afternoon during their twice daily wash in the river.

     The following is the itinerary for the 5 nights tour:


Day One Pick up from Medan airport or from hotel in Medan.

Suggested time for pick up from hotel is 8am though we can pick you up any time you like. The trip from Medan to Bukit Lawang takes just over 2.5 hours. We can pick you up from airport for anytime your flight arrives. It is best to get a morning arrival so you can get to Bukit Lawang and enjoy the day there before starting your jungle trek the next day.

Check into your hotel in Bukit Lawang.

You have the afternoon free to relax or explore Bukit Lawang village. You have the option to visit the Orangutan feeding platform in the afternoon for the 3pm feeding though you will need to pay the Park permit (20,000Rp) and camera permit (50,000Rp) to take this.               

No guide is required to go to the feeding platform as the Park rangers escort you there and back.


Day Two Leave 8.30am for the overnight jungle trek

The jungle trek goes via the Orangutan feeding platform (the park permit and camera permit for this visit is included in the tour price). You spend about 20 30 minutes here before venturing deeper into the Jungle. 

Stop for lunch around 12pm next to a pond of water in the jungle which is great for swimming.

Continue trekking to the camp site arriving around 4pm

Our trekking guides go at your pace and you stop along the way for rests and breaks to enjoy the jungle and a better chance for animals to travel past you when you are sitting quite rather than when you are walking making noise.

Our trekking guides prepare your dinner on an open fire in the jungle next to the river. Vegetarian meals are available during your jungle trek. Just let us know before your tour.


Day Three Our trekking guides prepare your breakfast on the open fire.

You have the morning to relax by the river or take a short walk in the jungle.

Late morning you raft down the river back to Bukit Lawang.

Check back into your hotel and you have the afternoon to relax in Bukit Lawang


Day Four Car Transfer from Bukit Lawang to Tangkahan takes around 2 hours 45 minutes.

Check into Jungle Lodge in Tangkahan.

Time to explore Tangkahan

If you want do a 1 hour elephant trek the next day you should visit the Visitor centre to arrange this. This is not included in the price of the tour. We are unable to arrange this in advance so you must make these arrangements when you arrive in Tangkahan.


Day Five Visit the Elephant camp and help wash the elephants, starts 8.30pm. The tour includes the visit and washing of the elephants.

You do not have a guide in Tangkahan so you need to make your own way to the Elephant camp though it is easy to find and the staff at Jungle Lodge and give you directions. You will need to leave your hotel before 8am to get to cross the river and get to the elephant camp in time for the 8.30am washing.

Stay last night in Jungle Lodge.


Day Six -  Car transfer from Tangkahan to Medan (or onwards to Berastagi or Lake Toba at additional cost please enquire with us for this option.)

The car transfer from Tangkahan to Medan takes around 4 hours. Please take this into consideration when booking your flight out of Medan.



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