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Review submitted 1st September 2012 - from Kara

My husband and I stayed at Indra Inn in Bukit Lawang in early July. We would like to thank Obi-Wan and his beautiful family for a very pleasant, relaxing stay. We also wish to thank our jungle guide, Dedi, for an exciting and pleasantly strenuous jungle trek! I've attached some photos from our stay. I can't seem to find a direct email for Obi-Wan, so please pass our thanks on to him and his wife. We wish we'd had more time to stay in Bukit Lawang to enjoy the kind hospitality, beautiful setting and delicious food. Thank you!

Chris and Danielle from Noosa Queensland 27th April 2011

We are back in Oz now but just wanted to say a huge thank you for arranging our time in Bukit Lawang. We have travelled through many parts of Indonesia but have never come across anything as special and quaint as that little village. It is a bit like an Indonesian Alice in Wonderland. Obiwan, Cucumber, Will and Ahmed were perfect hosts, arranging our pick-up, helping us settle in our accommodation, explaining the trek and then of course taking us into the jungle. We were lucky enough to see many orang-utans and other wildlife both at the feeding station and in the wild. I was so excited the entire time I didn't even notice how demanding the trek really was!! Camping overnight was brilliant, great company and Ahmed\'s food was excellent. It was a great way to learn a little more about the trials and tribulations of the local people. Rafting back was then of course an absolute hoot followed by some beers to celebrate at Obiwan's Indra Inn. I cannot stop talking about this experience!!! You have a great team working in the jungle sharing their amazing environment.

Sheena Dhanji from Singapore 18th March 2011

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your help with organising the trip to Bukit Lawang for us.  We both had such a great time and the experience was amazing.  Both Obiwan and Will were wonderfully helpful, and everything went off without a hitch and was great fun, so thanks for that!

Crystal Riley from Singapore 5th March 2011

Bryan and I had a really wonderful time in Sumatra and I wanted to thank you for answering all of our questions (I know I had a lot!) Obiwan and his brother Will were wonderful and everything went really smoothly.

I keep a blog about our experiences in Southeast Asia and I just finished the posts from our time in Bukit Lawang and I wanted to share them with you.  If anyone ever has any questions about what it's like on the tour, these links might be useful for them as well.


Thanks again for all your help!

Marcus Ludwig from Germany 7th August 2010

We were in Bukit Lawang from the 19th to 22nd of March and had a great time. It was the greatest experience of our life because Obiwan and his crew did an amazing job.

They organized everything from the transfer from to Medan very good and we felt well cared. We did the jungle trek and saw orangutans, white handed gibbons an many more animals and plans (and ofcourse tubing on the river). At the next day we visit with Kembar the bat cave and the "snake artist". He also did a great job, we laughed so much and had a wonderful time

In the evenings we had a lot of fun with Obiwan and his crew including card playing with "magic vodoo tricks". We stayed at the jungle inn which was awesome an definitely the place to be.

Saleh and Isabel from Germany 27th  May 2010

just arrived back in Medan!! we just wanted to let you know that we had a great time in BL!!!
it was one of the best experience we ever had!!!
your team was amazing and so full of energy and happiness that it was impossible to not have a good time!!!
we both working in the tourist industry and we will recommend this tour for sure!!!
thank you for this lifetime experience


Flo and Iena from Germany 25th May 2010


I just wanted to tell you, we are now back in Thailand and on the way to Cambodia. We had one of the greatest experiences ever in the jungle of Sumatra. Obiwan and his crew did an amazing job from the beginning (transfer) to the end.  Thank you very much and greetings to the best guides in the world.

Alex from United Kingdom 16th April 2010

The pick up went really well.  Thank you for organising it.  We ended up doing a 2 night, three day trek with Obiwan which went really well.   He is a wonderful guide and has a great crew.  Food was out of this world, tubing was fun and we had great couple of nights playing cards and doing magic trips.  We stayed at Jungle Inn on our return - that and Sams Bungalows definitely are the place to stay in town.  We liked being out of town and seeing monkeys and orangutans from our hotel.

Mahima from Adelaide 11th April 2010

We did the jungle trek, O/N camp in the jungle and a look around in the bat caves. It was probably the most amazing experience I've had in my life and I just wanted to thank you for getting us in touch with Iwan. Iwan with his mates Ahmed, Murdok and Will took very good care of us. We were very touched with the way they all took care of us. Ahmed is an amazing cook and is very thorough with everything he does- he is one of the most amazing characters I've met. My mother finds it hard to walk up rough terrain and Ahmed always made sure that he was next to her with his flashlight to give her a hand walking up uneven ground. Murdok was fun during the jungle trek and took really good care of my brother and I. Will was also very helpful, he carried all the necessities for the trek and helped me out at times when I was hanging off a tree branch after falling! Iwan was wonderful and took care of everyone

John from Ireland 29th March 2010

just a note to let you know we got on fantastically in Bukit Lawang. Thanks for your help - we will never forget the experience - unbelievable.

Alice from Singapore 4th March 2010

We had a great time in Bukit Lawang - definitely an experience! Iwan & crew were great guides and certainly very helpful during our time there. I might add the cook is fantastic and our dinner during the campout was the best meal we had all weekend. Thanks for arranging!

Nita from California USA  20th February 2010

Just wanted to say thank you for helping us make all the bookings for the trip to Bukit Lawang. We had a fabulous time and have gotten several friends very excited about going as well.

Candice from London UK 22nd September 2009

thanks just got back from Bukit Lawang, just wanted to say thanks for all the help and your time, was great recommendation, Iwan was great help too... Jungle Inn was a wonderful recommendation, as it was right there to do the trek and see the orangutans.

Vickie from Sydney Australia 4th September 2009

We would like to thank you so so much for arranging for Iwan to pick us up from the airport and taking us trekking. We had a lot of fun especially with Murdok. We felt very welcome and it has made a lasting impression on us. We will certainly be returning and have told all our friends of you and your contacts.
A brilliant holiday in a beautiful place with equally brilliant people! We loved it and couldn't of ask for anything else.
Please pass on our thanks again to Iwan and Murdok and say 'Hi'!

Ashley from USA 15th August 2009

It was simply amazing, so beautiful and had many up close moments with the Orangs! I just loved the whole experience so much! Trekking was great! Nights were a little tough alone with all the bugs and misc. jungle animals but other than that I thought it was brilliant! :) I got the penthouse suite at jungle inn which was incredible too.

And Iwan was fabulous! Thanks again so much for your help. I had been a little nervous heading out there alone and it was such a breeze with your help!!!

Steff from New Zealand 21st July 2009

Just a note to say thanks once again for putting us onto Obe1.  We had a neat time there!  It just about killed me treking that jungle lol, im so unfit!!!! Did not realise it would be so steep.  Iwan is a great person and we enjoyed his company very much.

Antoinette and Stuart from Melbourne Australia 30th June 2009

Our time in Sumatra was just magic. Stu and I absolutely loved the landscape, the people and the journey itself and were desperately sorry that our 15 days away weren’t spent entirely in Bukit Lawang.

Thank you for generous spirit in helping us get to Sumatra, Bukit Lawang safely and for ensuring it. You have been so instrumental in our lifelong memories.


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